Stalo Xinari is behind the SXtheMadArtist aka SXtheArtConcept.

A multifaceted female artist from Cyprus involved in many fields of art like Painting, Digital art – Design, Jewelry Design, Photography, Mixing and Electronic Music Production and mixing.

"I am fascinated and inspired by nature, the space and celestial features. I have grown up in an area in my country, where I was surrounded by several abundant mines, mountains, forest and open sky. My favorite walk is to the forest and near the old mines digging for some amazing pyrite and other raw beauties that could be surprisingly found in those areas. I have been collecting stones from all over the world all my life. I totally love crystals, rocks & minerals, stones and the creation of artistic jewelry with them. The creation time is like meditation to me. During the creation procedure, the feeling of the energy of nature flowing through my creations is so magic, makes me feel like I have become one with the universe. " Stalo

Painting since a kid, Stalo Xinari has evolved her own techniques and style during the years. Using acrylics on stretched canvas, emotions and detail, she crafted a vivid world inspired by Nature, her surroundings and life experience. Her paintings are there to remind that despite all the ugliness in this world there is something beautiful. Art. 

Playing music at parties when teenager back then with cassettes and vinyl, Stalo had a great passion for music. She has learned some guitar and keyboards during that stage. Later in 1994, she is resident morning show and evening guest Dj on Radio1, a local radio station in Nicosia steaming live on fm. As an artist she was driven away from mixing in 2005 and got into Electronic music production. Till now she has been guest in many local parties and gatherings and in many international & online events. She has release 25+ tracks on 6 EP Albums and more on various artists’ compilations and various records companies and more to come. Her music artist name is SXtheMadArtist (Visit music store).

On 2007 “theArtConcept” gallery opened at Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, organizing exhibitions and events all around the years hosting many artists local and international. On 2010 the gallery turned into Stalo Xinari Private Art studio and moved into new location.

Since 2005, she is involved in digital art and graphic design also. Being self taught, she always thinks out of the box with the result to differentiate and uniquely stand out. It started on 1994, at the age of 16 when she was chosen to design her first project, a book for herbal cosmetics. Hand pencil design of flowers, herbs, human parts like hands, hair, legs and body always within the framework of the writers’ ideas and concepts. The book has been printed in magenta color and colorful front cover.
Right after that project, Stalo has left the island and moved to UK to finish her Bachelor of Arts, in Business Administration major Marketing, at the University of Sunderland. When she came back she got involved with household and fashion industry management, marketing, advertising, promotion and logistics. 

On 2010 Stalo Xinari is member and the Official Designer for FEMALE IN THE ARTS (FITA). She has being part and member of many artists groups and into several art projects and exhibitions. She has also worked on various design projects like conceptual design for music market like album cover arts, event posters and brochures. She has also being involved in multiple design projects for corporate clients and organizations, designing promotional material for publications and promotional tools.

Jewelry Design is Stalo’s another love. She is crafting jewelry since her teenage years and at the age of 15 she manage to sell her small jewels in a local handicraft shop called “the Craft Shop” in Makarios Avenue in the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia.

On 2014, she has open the SXtheArtConcept online shop on Etsy. Today, her collection includes jewelry with wire, clay jewelry, braided and beaded jewelry. All her pieces are handmade using her imagination and the magic energy of natural stones. She uses various materials mostly natural stones, rocks & minerals, air drying clay, polymer clay (for key-chains / key-rings), wood, sterling silver, metal wiring and metals. She is also experimenting with other materials she came up to. At the end of the day uniqueness is the hyper reason so why not to invent new ways and stuff?
All her clay jewelry are free hand sculpted and are not baked. Due to the long procedures the clay must go through in order to dry, paint and varnish in layers to make it durable and water resistant, it usually takes around one month for every piece to be finalized. All her pieces are one of a kind and cannot be re-created or repeated. Every piece of her clay jewelry is considered work of art. 

Events and Exhibitions attended with paintings, crafts and Jewelry:
“Grand Event & Various Artists and Media Exhibition” at theArtConcept - 01 to 12.12.2007
“Modern Art Exhibition”, Stalo Xinari & Andri Sergiou at theArtConcept – 07 to 22.06.2008
“Butterflies in Christmas”, Various Artists at theArtConcept – 06  to 31.12.2008
“Emotional Landscapes”, Stalo Xinari Solo Exhibition at theArtConcept – 29.11 – 25.12.2008
“When Inspiration Meets Creativity” Jewelry & Craft Show at theArtConcept – 01 to 4.07.2009
“Design me” Design/Painting on tables, Various Artists at Scarabeo Nicosia – 15.11.2009
“Color Poets” Group Art Exhibition at Aspelia Gallery – 04.11 – 04.12.2009
“Fly Away” Art & Music Festival, various artists, at Red – 20.12.2009
“Fly Away Reload” Art & Music Festival, various artists, at Acropolis Park “Caves” – 14.03.2010
Kypros Tv “Supporting the Art & Culture of Cyprus” Video Interview and Live Display at the “Special Screening of Short Videos” at “Apothikes” 24.03.10
“Wall People Cyprus” International Event Various artist, Nicosia outdoor “Eleftherias Square” – 10.04.2010
“Female Artists Expo 2010” Female in the Arts group at Alexander the Great Hotel – 04.09.2010
“We Help Young Paul” Charity Group Exhibition at Acropolis Park “Caves” offering 6 paintings – 10 to 15.09.10
“Female Artists Expo 2010” Group Exhibition at Hilton Hotel Nicosia – 27.11.2010
Group Art Exhibition at “Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir”, Nicosia – 04.12 – 07.12.2010
"Soulmates Sistas" Art & Jewelry Exhibition with Ioulia Kaloutsa | Stalo Xinari | Ntora Angeli | Mala Shiamptani at Scarabeo - 04 – 05.12.2010
"Having a vivid imagination is like looking into heaven" Jewelry Group Exhibition at Antoras - 19.12.2010
“Female Artists Expo 2011” Female in the Arts group exhibition at Pantheon Art Gallery – 12 to 13.04.2011
“Salón de Arte Digital, IX Edición 2011” Carpe Diem, Maracaibo Venezuela -
“Invitation to summer” Group Exhibition at Antora – 02.07.2011"Christmas Spirit Event" Group Exhibition at Antoras – 04.12.2011
Stalo Xinari | theArtConcept sponsor graphic designer for Tatiana Goddard, fashion designer, for Fashion days Larnaca– 29 April 2011
“Art exhibition” by Stalo Xinari at Vinyl solo exhibition – 25.11 – 07.12.2012
Jewelry support for DollHouse Fashion designers during events 2010-2012
“Art and Music in AID of patients with Alzheimer” Charity Group Art Exhibition organized by Rotary Club of Nicosia-Aspelia, Rotary Club of Nicosia, Rotaract Nicosia-Aspelia and the American Women’s Club of Cyprus – 17 to 18.04.2012
“Big Act” Charity Event, Sponsor Graphic Designer theArtConcept” – 13.10.2012
“Salón de Arte Digital, IX Edición 2014” Carpe Diem, 2014 Maracaibo, Venezuela
"Help Educate Children in Tanzania" through "Make A Difference", Inc. (MAD) 18.10.14 Arizona, USA
“Hilton Hotel Group Art & Craft Exhibition" 14.05.16, Nicosia, Cyprus
“Solo Jewelry Exhibition” at Antora, 03.12.16 Nicosia, Cyprus

Design Projects for:
Arissandra Cosmetics and Dr. Katsos Book “Beauty and Health with Herbs” - 1994
SXtheArtConcept logo and various promotional conceptual designs 2005 - Today
SXtheMadArtist logo and various promotional conceptual designs 2005 - Today
Let’s Art, Artists Group Logo 2009
Promotional Conceptual design for “Lost in Sound” 2009-11
Various designs for promotional material for “Antora” 2010-12
Various Invitations for Female In the Arts exhibitions 2010-12
Promotional Conceptual design for “Alice in Flames” 2010
Promotional Conceptual design and logo for “Dante Zeus” 2010
Graphic Designer for Masslex Publications concerning several corporate design projects 2010
Graphic designer and logo for Tatiana Goddard, fashion designer, for Fashion days 2011
Compilation album art cover for Undervoice Records “V/A Alien Connection” 2011
Promotional Conceptual design for “Dan Dan Records” 2011
Art design of the track “ Watooga” for  “Sonic Crime”  2012
“Big Act” Charity Event, Sponsor Graphic Designer theArtConcept” 2012

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